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Erosion Control Products and Services

Products & Services

The Bruce Company offers traditional as well as innovative erosion control solutions.  Whether the erosion is from the cumulative effects of wind or water or from an isolated incident, the landscape professionals at The Bruce Company can offer you solutions.  There are many tools that can resolve erosion problems.

Using compost for erosion control is a method of applying a 2" layer of compost and seed.  It has been proven to reduce erosion more effectively than traditional erosion mats, and may be used in more extreme cases of erosion.  There are many choices of vegetation from lawn grass to prairies.  Click to download compost blanket seeding brochure.

Erosion Matting
Erosion mat is used most often in new seeding or seeding repair projects where sheet water is a problem.  It can be purchased for do-it-yourself applications or installed by one of our crews.  Many varieties are available to meet the needs of your specific site including coconut matting, jute matting, and straw matting.

Hay Bales
Hay bales provide temporary sediment control from a construction project.  It is imperative that they are installed properly. Make sure the hay is perpendicular to the flow of water and suitably staked in place.  Water should flow through the hay bales while the sediment is prevented from moving off-site.

Our polymer has been shown to stabilize soil, compost and bark mulch where minimal erosion is preventing establishment of plants or lawn.

Silt Fencing
Silt fence has long been the standard in sediment control.  It is still sometimes specified by engineers to prevent sediment from leaving the site during construction.


Silt Soxx
Silt Soxx is a sustainable, more effective method of sediment control and has largely replaced silt fence.  Click to download Silt Soxx brochure. Our innovative erosion control solutions include installing Silt Soxx using blower truck technology.

The silt soxx are filled with certified compost in tubes that are 100' long.  Multiple lengths of the soxx can be connected or overlapped to create efficient sediment control devices for any size project.  The soxx can be purchased on a pallet for do-it-yourselfers or installed with the use of our blower trucks on site.  Silt Soxx allows two times the water to pass through than silt fence.  This reduces ponding of water behind the structure, resulting in much less catastrophic failure.  We've all seen silt fence that has failed which releases all of the sediment it had once retained.  Because Silt Soxx allows water to flow through faster, this is extremely unlikely. 

Because Silt Soxx is a three dimensional filter, water can flow through faster and more sediment is trapped than with conventional silt fence.  Imagine, a product that works better, doesn't experience catastrophic failure and is sustainable!

Furthermore, no trenching is required with Silt Soxx.  You can install Silt Soxx in heavily wooded areas, on frozen soil, or simply in a residential development with ease - no trenching = less labor and exposed soil!  In addition, the silt soxx can be installed in ditches, along drainage ways, and around inlets for additional erosion control options.

We stock 9", 12", and 18" safety soxx to meet all of your erosion control needs.  In terms of efficiency, a 12" soxx more effectively protects a site than a 24" silt fence; a 18" silt soxx is better than a 36' silt fence.

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