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Commercial Landscape Services

Interior Landscaping FAQs


What does your interior plant maintenance program include?
Our maintenance program includes on site visits by our interiorscape technicians who will water, clean the foliage, monitor and treat for insects or disease, and replace the plants when needed so they maintain a healthy, attractive appearance.

How often should plants be watered?
This depends on the size of the pot it is planted in, light conditions, humidity levels, and variety of plant. As a generality, check your plants on a weekly basis. If it is dry approximately one to two inches below the soil line, water it thoroughly until a small amount of water comes out the bottom of the pot. Most plants should dry out slightly between watering.

Do you offer a guaranty with your maintenance program?
Yes, we will replace a plant if it no longer is healthy or becomes unacceptable for the site. It is replaced with the same variety of plant or changed to another species if it better fits light levels, humidity, etc. 

Can you install artificial plants?  
Yes! If live plants are not ideal for your office space, we have a wide variety of artificial material to choose from and decorative containers.

What flowering plants are available?
A variety of bromeliads, kalanchoe, orchids, begonias, and other seasonal plants are kept in stock. Flowering plants add a great focal point to a lobby or welcome desk area. 

What are the benefits of indoor plants?
Indoor plants reduce stress, reduce office noise, improve a corporate image, and most importantly-- help to improve interior space with cleaner air and a healthier environment. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, plants are hard at work in offices around the nation. The benefits of plants outweigh the costs associated with maintaining them.

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