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We offer various options for installing new lawns or renovating existing lawns. Our products and services include:

Finish Grading
With tractors and specialized equipment, your lot will be graded to ensure proper drainage away from the house and to prepare the soil for the seeding/sodding process.

Traditional Seeding Method
With a traditional seeding method, our crews will apply The Bruce Company's own specially blended seed mixes, as well as a starter fertilizer and with a final top-dressing of chopped straw/hay mulch.

We offer high quality sod to provide an immediate stand of lush green grass. Check with your neighborhood protective covenants to see if any sod is required.

Compost Blanket Seeding
Compost blanket seeding is an environmentally responsible alternative that produces a lawn that you can enjoy much faster than traditional seeding methods.

In partnership with 2nd Seasons Recycling, we use compost which ensures a high quality seed bed that is virtually weed free. The Bruce Company's compost seeding method involves using a highly specialized blower truck to install compost over the topsoil. The compost layer helps to reduce weed seeds in the topsoil from germinating and is also a superior medium for lawn seed germination.  Learn more about compost blanket seeding by downloading our PDF brochure.

Drainage Solutions
We will diagnose drainage problems and provide solutions that resolve any issues prior to lawn work being performed.

No matter which lawn installation method you choose, watering is critical to establish seed or sod. We offer temporary watering systems to use during the first three weeks of lawn establishment.  Also, our irrigation department can design and install permanent underground irrigation systems for virtually maintenance free watering.

Aeration is a process that mechanically removes cores of soil from your lawn.  By opening up the soil, core aeration reduces compaction, improves water filtration, increases the flow of nutrients to the roots, and reduces the thickness of the thatch layer. This is especially important to do on a yearly basis with sodded lawns. Aeration improves the appearance and vigor of your lawn and can be done in spring or fall when the soil is moist and grass is actively growing.

Looking for information on basic lawn care?

We also carry lawn care products in our Garden Center.

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