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Topsoil Mulch 'n More FAQs


How much area will 1 cu yd of material cover?
At 3 inches thick, 1 cubic yard of material will cover approximately 100 square feet and is equivalent in volume to a standard size bathtub full.

How do I determine how many cubic yards of material I need?
Please call us and we will be happy to assist you in making that determination, or you can use the following formula: L(in feet) x W(in feet) x D(in feet) divided by 27.

What type of grass is in your sod?
Our sod is a specially grown blend containing five varieties of Bluegrass.

Can your trucks deliver through a gated driveway or a single car driveway?
Our standard delivery trucks measure 101" (8.42') at the widest point and our trucks for heavier loads measure 105" (8.75') at the widest point.

How soon can you deliver my material?
Most often we can accommodate you with a delivery within one business day from order placement. We do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays.

How much grass seed do I need?
One pound of grass seed should cover approximately 250 square feet.

Is there a minimum quantity required for delivery?
Only topsoil and various topsoil blends require a 3 cubic yard minimum for delivery. All other products have no minimum.

How many cubic yards are in a load of topsoil?
There is a 3 cubic yard minimum for topsoil delivery with a maximum per load of 15 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards are in a load of shredded mulch?
There is no minimum quantity for mulch delivery with a maximum per load of 20 cubic yards.

Where will you unload my product?
Your product will be placed on your driveway or other paved surface on your property.  It is against our policy to drive onto your lawn.

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