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Landscape Walls FAQs


What are the advantages to each type of wall system available at The Bruce Company?

Concrete Unit Wall Systems
Concrete unit wall systems offer the highest amount of stability and flexibility in design.  The units are uniform in size and are available in a wide array of sizes, textures and colors. 

Granite Boulders
Boulder walls offer a cost effective alternative to wall construction.  They offer a natural look and provide good wall stability.  The varying sizes and shapes allow boulders to function on projects of any scale.

Living Walls
Living walls are a green alternative to conventional slope retention with minimal excavation required, eco-friendly erosion protection that will beautify and stabilize natural slopes.  Possibly the best aspect of this new product is the price.  Living walls are typically 30% less than Waupun stone and 60-70% less than the pre-cast materials. 

Natural Stone
Natural stone walls are used to provide a more organic feel to your project.  Natural stone wall units are available in many different colors, sizes and textures. 

Waupun Stone
Waupun stone walls provide a layered, horizontal look to your wall project.  Waupun stone is slightly more expensive than boulders, but provides even more stability as the pieces are more uniform in shape. 

Does a newly constructed wall come with a warranty?
All work constructed by The Bruce Company comes with a one year warranty, this includes walls.

How long will a living wall withstand the forces of Mother Nature?
Indefinitely.  Living walls are built to last.  The soxx will last five or more years, depending upon the amount of UV light it receives.  The plant material takes root and provides the long term stability. 

Can you build a living wall in an area with limited access?  Absolutely.  Ideally, the walls are located within 150' of truck access, but arrangements can be made to accommodate any site.  It is more efficient to shape the hillside with equipment, but hand excavation is a viable option.

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