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B Natural

We strive to be environmentally responsible and actively look for ways we can improve the products and services we offer.

Growing Practices:

  • In our nursery, we practice erosion control to protect the banks of the Sugar River.
  • Our nursery stock and land management practices lead to clean air and create wildlife refuges.
  • We grow trees, evergreens and shrubs on about 500 acres.
  • We rotate crops to add nitrogen to the soil and to reduce soil compaction.
  • We utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to keep pests, disease and weeds under control.
  • We pasture cattle to preserve areas we cannot mow.
  • We utilize soil conservation practices to help keep the Sugar River clean.
  • We have turkey, deer, water fowl, bald eagles, hawks, cranes and other birds as well as an increasing sport fish population.

B Natural with Green Innovations: Click here to see a recent project featuring Rain Exchange, Permeable Pavers, Living Wall and Pondless Water Feature

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