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Plant Encyclopedia

Please use this encyclopedia as a reference for the planning and design of your gardens and landscapes. It contains a wealth of information and pictures about plants of all types.  Simply click on a category of interest to you and work your way through the links to find species name, pictures and other important information.

Please note that this plant encyclopedia is a reference and does not reflect the Garden Center inventory which changes frequently. Contact the Garden Center Plant Desk at 608-836-7041 with any questions regarding plant size, availability and pricing.


• Annuals: Flowers, Vegetables and Herbs
• Bulbs
• Herbs
• Houseplants
• Evergreen Shrubs
• Evergreen Trees
• Flowering Shrubs
• Fruit
• Perennials
• Ornamental Shrubs
• Ornamental Trees
• Roses
• Shade Trees
• Topiary

Plant Encyclopedia
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