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The Bruce Company's own The Bruce CompanyNatural line of products is just one way we strive to be environmentally responsible.  Water and soil conservation is critical to our area lakes, and to our own back yards!  Conserve water by installing rain barrels and chains -- collected rainwater is perfect for watering your lawn or garden. 

Fostering nature's own checks and balances is one of the best ways to control insects and other pests.  Strategically place a bird or bat house to help control summer insects.  Natural insecticidal soaps offer great relief to plant and human species alike.  Composting yard waste lessens the burden on landfills, and is an excellent way to create natural soil amendments.  Trees, shrubs and other living landscaping elements provide a natural cooling impact and instant curb appeal.  Living walls, eco-pots, clean air plants - let The Bruce Company show you how to B Natural.

Some of the The Bruce CompanyNatural Items available at The Bruce Company:

  • Disease resistant crab trees
  • Eco-Source®  and other pots made from organic materials
  • Native plants selection
  • Composters and Compost Pails
  • Rain Barrels, Chains and other rain collectors
  • Corn Gluten for pre-emergent weed control
  • Espoma® and Dynamite® organic based fertilizers & soil conditioners
  • Scotts® Organic Choice® potting soil and garden soil
  • Organic pesticides and animal repellants 
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