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Weber® Grills

Grilling Headquarters

The Bruce Company is the area's largest dealer of premium Weber® grills and Weber® grilling products.  More than a seasonal dealer, we have grills, grill parts and accessories available all through the year!  Gas grills, charcoal grills, portable and table top grills, smokers, smoker boxes - find them all at The Bruce Company.  Let us be your grilling headquarters.  Shop for all your grilling needs, from wood flavor chips and grilling planks to rubs & seasonings, cookbooks, rotisseries, utensils and more! From gas to charcoal and electric grills, big grills to small grills, we have the Weber® grill you're looking for!


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History of the Icon

A love of good barbecue was what drove George Stephen to develop the first Weber grill back in 1952. An employee with Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, George welded metal buoys for the local yacht club. Tired of the flat, open brazier type grills of the day. George developed the first Weber grill from a buoy, he cut the top off. Needless to say, at first it didn't work as well as he hoped. It wasn't until a short time later that a neighbor mentioned the idea of cutting some holes in the lid and grill bottom to help the fire get air, and from then on Weber grills became an American icon.

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