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Ponds and Water Features FAQs


What are the advantages of a Bruce Company water feature/pond?
Our skilled architects and designers can design a water feature that is perfect for your property. We have specialized installation crews that use their artistic talents and extensive construction We Can Do It For Youbackground to go above and beyond. We offer continued service after your purchase and also carry a complete line of products for any pond or waterfall project at our Garden Center.

How much time does it take to maintain a pond?
A properly constructed and established water garden/pond will take approximately 5-10 minutes per week to maintain.

What are the components needed to create a healthy ecosystem for my pond?
The required elements for a healthy ecosystem include: fish, aquatic plants, rocks & gravel, circulatory system with mechanical filter and a biological filter.

Can I leave my fish in my pond all winter?
Yes, as long as your pond is at least 18" deep and you have proper aeration to keep a hole open in the surface of your pond to allow for gas exchange.

What do I do with my aquatic plants in the winter time?
You do not need to move hardy plants into deeper water for over-wintering, simply cut them back. Be sure to remove your tropical plants at the end of the season as they will not tolerate frost.  They can be over-wintered in your home or discarded.

What are the benefits of having gravel lined water garden/pond vs. a bare liner water garden?
Gravel lined ponds require less maintenance because there is more surface area for bacteria to colonize, which keeps your pond cleaner. Bare liner ponds do not provide this and you will have more sludge build up than one with gravel. Gravel also looks natural and protects the liner.

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