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Topsoil & Planting/Potting Mix Products

Bulk Topsoil:

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  • Red B Blended Topsoil
  • Red B Planting Mix

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The Bruce Company’s Natural & Organic Potting Soil

Use what the Pro’s use! The Bruce Company has developed and packaged their own Natural & Organic Potting Soil mix for you! Bring the same high-quality soil the local professionals use and bring it to your garden. Great for indoor and outdoor containers – 40QT/44L.

Dr. Earth Organic & Natural Root Zone® Seed Starter Potting Mix

Designed for Indoor and outdoor containers. Root Zone Seed Starter Potting soil was created to grow the healthiest and most productive plants any time of the year. Non-GMO Project Verified soil. People & Pet Safe – no synthetic chemicals, chicken manure or toxic ingredients.

Dr. Earth Acid Lovers® Planting Mix

Acid Lovers® Planting Mix creates the perfect soil conditions for acid-loving plants. Use Acid Lovers® Planting Mix as a soil amendment throughout the garden when planting trees, shrubs, bare root plants, flowers and acid-loving plants in the garden. Improves soil drainage and aeration, especially in clay soils.

Scotts, Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix

Grows plants twice as big vs. unfed plants. Absorbs 33% more water than ordinary potting soil. Feeds plants up to 6 months with Miracle-Gro® Continuous Release plant food.

Black Gold Moisture Supreme Container Mix

Black Gold Moisture Supreme Container Mix is ideal for patio garden containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. The mix feeds plants for up to six months and contains coconut pith coir and Canadian sphagnum peat moss to increase water holding capacity.

Black Gold® Garden Soil

Garden soil regionally formulated by professional horticulturists to best suit local garden soils. Ideal in any vegetable or flower garden, or for flowering bedding plants. Improves soil structure by adding organic matter. Feed plants up to 6 months.

FoxFarm Happy Frog® Potting Soil

Your potted plants deserve the best. Their roots can’t seek out nutrition in the ground, so you have to bring it to them. That’s why Happy Frog® Potting Soil is amended with soil microbes that can help improve root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake.

FoxFarm Ocean Forest® Potting Soil

Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab meal. Designed for containers and ready to use right out of the bag. There’s no need for nitrogen fertilizers at first; instead try FoxFarm Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food to get things started.

Purple Cow Organics Activated Potting Mix

Purple Cow Activated Potting Mix offers superior performance because it’s scientifically formulated with our PCO Mineral Complex, so readily available nutrients not only get your plants off to a good start but continue to feed your plants long after planting.

Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care Raised Bed Soil

Plants in a raised bed rely on you to tuck them in just right. Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care Organic Raised Bed Soil is specifically formulated with rich organic matter and high-quality nutrients that help give your bedded fruits, veggies and flowers what they need with no mixing required. Doesn’t it feel good to treat your plants right.

Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Mix Plus Fertilizer

This rich, loamy mix is one of the best for all gardening applications. Our 100% organic base consists of screened earthworm castings and Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Includes compost and forest humus. Perlite and pumice are added to ensure optimum aeration for sturdy growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much area will 1 cu yd of material cover?
At 3 inches thick, 1 cubic yard of material will cover approximately 100 square feet and is equivalent in volume to a standard size bathtub full.

How do I determine how many cubic yards of material I need?
Please call us and we will be happy to assist you in making that determination, or you can use the following formula: L(in feet) x W(in feet) x D(in feet) divided by 27.

Can your trucks deliver through a gated driveway or a single car driveway?
Our standard delivery trucks measure 101″ (8.42′) at the widest point and our trucks for heavier loads measure 105″ (8.75′) at the widest point.

How soon can you deliver my material?
Most often we can accommodate you with a delivery within one business day from order placement. We do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays.

Where will you unload my product?
Your product will be placed on your driveway or other paved surface on your property.  It is against our policy to drive onto your lawn.

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