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Artisan Created Jewelry by Aasha
Inspiration from India’s Rich Cultural Heritage
Anju and Gaurav Agarwal work with a talented group of Indian artisans who create each piece of Aasha jewelry by hand out of wire and beads made from scraps of saris. There are beautiful earrings, cuff bracelets and necklaces available in our Boutique.




Fun Gifts that Celebrate Wisconsin
Buy Local
If you want your gifts to make a real impact, consider the offerings in our expanded Wisconsin Corner. You’ll find everything from t-shirts and dishtowels to soaps and lotions, many crafted right here in Wisconsin. We especially like this charming book of bird poems written and illustrated by Caitlynn Nemec whose mom lives right here in Middleton. You’ll find our Wisconsin Corner just inside the main entrance.

Humm-Bug Hummingbird Feeder
Something New for Your Hummingbird Garden
Adult hummingbirds need to feed their chicks protein every 20 minutes, easily eating more than 100 fruit flies a day! Over a period of three weeks, this handy feeder incubates ripe fruit and vegetable pieces to produce fruit flies and nourish hummingbirds. The Humm-Bug is made from solid red plastic that deters bees and wasps and adult hummingbirds can rest on the wraparound perch to save much-needed energy. You’ll find the Humm-Bug in our Birding Department.



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