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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

I’ve been in the garden center biz for a long time and have always said that I’ve never met a group of people more obsessed with the weather than gardeners. I don’t like to generalize but we are constantly fretting over the weather. It’s way too cold. Or way too hot....

Late Fall Gardening Tips

At long last. It’s time to take a deep breath, because the physical work, and often frenetic pace, of the growing season is over. Not having a million things to accomplish in the garden may make some folks bereft, but many others so happy. The Garden Center is...

Forcing Spring Bulbs Now

Forcing spring bulbs into winter bloom was the rage in the 1800’s. Hyacinths were especially popular. But there are others to try, too. We love vases of paperwhites and pots of amaryllis. And with a little prep time, you can have pots of tulips and daffodils blooming...

Late Summer Garden Maintenance

For many gardeners, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of the autumn lawn care season. Cooler temperatures and more regular rainfall make this an excellent time to start a new lawn or repair an existing one. The still-warm soil speeds up seed...

Common Questions About Fall Bulbs

Do you have questions when it comes to fall bulbs? What are they, and how and when do I plant them are things that gardeners ask. Planting bulbs is simple and rewarding, especially when the shoots emerge after a long winter. And even though putting in plants that...

Plant Fall for Fall Leaves Before the Leaves Fall

As summer wanes and autumn approaches, I notice the birds congregating in the trees and on overhead wires. The air is sweetly scented with ripening fruit. The light changes, becoming more golden. Everything seems ready to burst. Not in the tender, life is...

Time to Turn Our Gardening Thoughts Into Winter Preparedness

Weather-wise, August has been an unusual month. Instead of the usual August average of 4.25 inches of rain, we’ve received almost 16 as of Monday morning. That’s a lot of rain. And except for a few more hot days in the high 80s, long-range forecasts are showing more...

When is it Too Late to Plant?

Now that fall is looming on the seasonal horizon, lots of us are itching to take advantage of the cooler weather and sale prices by planting a tree or shrub. But we all know that autumn means winter is right around the corner. You may be wondering. When is...

Don’t Weed Harder. Weed Smarter!

If I followed my own advice and kept track of what I do in my yard every year, I’m pretty sure that many of my gardening hours are spent weeding. Pulling weeds can be satisfying the couple of first go-rounds, but it quickly turns into a chore. At some...

The Real Dirt on Coneflowers

While pulling weeds in my backyard on Sunday, it occurred to me that it’s getting dark earlier. On one hand, the shorter days mean that summer is waning. And that’s a little sad. On the other, I’m jolted into landscape productivity. What can I plant into...
Tiny Flash Dancers

Tiny Flash Dancers

Whether you call them fireflies, lighting bugs or glowworms, more than 2000 species of these luminescent creatures sparkle and flicker in yards and forests all over the world.

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our tips for planting success

our tips for planting success

It sometimes seems that there are secret tricks to successfully establishing trees and shrubs in your landscape. It isn’t that magical though. Most plants will thrive if they’re given the right growing conditions.

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