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why grow your own?

written by Lisa Briggs
Gardeners are experiencing this spring at a frenzied pace. There seem to be enormous questions that need answers every single day.

ready? set? grow!

written by Lisa Briggs
The cool spring held spring flowering trees in check, but this week’s heat is pushing plants hard, all at once. Every yard in my neighborhood reminds me of a technicolor Munchkinland when Dorothy steps out of that fallen house.

it’s been a roller coaster

written by Lisa Briggs
April’s crazy temperature swings have had gardeners racing from the urge to get tomatoes in the ground and the scrambling to dig up floating row covers from the back of the garage. I don’t believe that there is any group of folks more obsessed with the weather than gardeners. Including meteorologists!

hey plants? wake up already!

written by Lisa Briggs
There are many commonly-planted trees, shrubs and perennials that are slow to emerge in the spring, especially after this spring’s roller coaster. I like to think of these plants as teenagers, lolling about in the garden bed late on a Saturday morning, while the rest of the family members in our borders are up and flaunting spring color.

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