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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

We seem to be caught in a snow cycle. As I write this, I remember driving home from the airport during Sunday morning’s Austrian snowglobe snowfall. The snow fell gently and steadily, slowly obliterating the lines between hard and soft surfaces.

The Universal Language of Flowers

It’s Valentine’s Day! Have you wondered why red roses are the go-to flower for Valentine’s Day giving? Or why white calla lilies are in so many traditional bridal bouquets? The answers to these questions lie in the language of flowers, subtle meanings given to flowers in order to evoke an emotional response.

Gardening Tips for Mid-to-Late February

If you’ve already started some plants from seed, those baby seedlings may be growing like Jack’s beanstalks. Be sure that you check them every day and observe their progress.

Great Time For Pruning Fruit Trees!

But if you’re itching to do some more active gardening this time of year, early February is an excellent time to do a bit of pruning. Let’s consider fruit trees. Specimens that are old enough to bear fruit require several things for good production.

Mid-Winter Gardening Tips

The Garden Center is fully stocked with garden seeds for 2019. It’s time to start seeds for annuals and vegetables that require a long germination period. This group includes leeks, petunias, and lisianthus.

Gardening After The Winter Holidays

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s a relief to direct our energy inward for a little while and focus on some new projects. Winter is such a great time to make plans for the future.

Early Seed Starting of Flavorful Varieties

We like to grow our own vegetables so that we can choose the most flavorful varieties and ensure that they are healthy from seed to harvest by starting our own plants.

Christmas Traditions

The origin of the Christmas tree is well documented. The modern version originated in Germany and spread to the United States in the 1820s with the influx of European immigrants.

Indoor Gardening Tips for a Chilly December

Outside, seeds and buds are slumbering. The earth is still. Inside our homes, we’re warm and happy in rooms sparkling with bright lights, views of any impending storms softened by steamy windows.

Choosing A Tree

Close on the heels of the Thanksgiving celebration, comes one of the most harrowing of all the winter holiday experiences-the Selection of the Christmas Tree. Luckily, we live smack in the middle of tree central.


Make Your Own Terrarium Garden Workshop

Saturday, Mar. 2nd | 11 AM

Need a little green in your life? Join us and we’ll help you create your own terrarium with tropical plants and decorative stones and mosses.

Make Your Own Fairy Garden Workshop

Saturday, Mar. 16th | 11 AM

Fairy gardens bring out the whimsy in all of us. Join us and we’ll help you create your own garden with tropical plants and decorative stones and mosses.

Vegetable Seeding Workshop

Saturday, Apr. 13th | 11 AM

Not sure how to start your own vegetable seedlings? Join us and we’ll help you plant a seed tray with a variety of our favorites.

Make Your Own Succulent Garden Workshop

Saturday, Apr. 20th | 11 AM

If your Achilles’ heel is under watering, then gardening with succulents is perfect for you. Join us and we’ll help you create your own succulent container with plants and decorative stones and mosses.

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