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february is the cruelest month

written by Lisa Briggs
Hasn’t the mild temperatures and sunny days been marvelous? We hope that you had a chance to get outside and enjoy those beautiful days.

patience is nature’s secret

written by Lisa Briggs
I’ve checked all 10 of my favorite weather apps and forecasts seem to agree that March will be coming in like a lamb.

if life hands you dirt, plant seeds!

written by Lisa Briggs
It’s a bit early, but if you’ve already started some seeds, those baby seedlings may be growing like Jack’s beanstalks. Be sure that you check them every day and observe their progress.

will you be our valentine?

written by Lisa Briggs
Have you wondered why red roses are the go-to flower for Valentine’s Day giving? Or why white calla lilies are in so many traditional bridal bouquets? The answers to these questions lie in the language of flowers.

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At The Bruce Company, we are dedicated to making your landscaping dreams become a reality. Our landscape professionals have obtained the solid academic credentials, and the field experience necessary to develop and execute the most creative landscaping for your backyard or business.  We can assist you in every aspect of your project, large or small. From landscape design to construction, we can make your landscape ideas come to life.


Eco-friendly is our way of identifying natural choices for your lifestyle.

Today's environmentally-conscious consumer wants more choice in products and services and more natural ways to enjoy outdoor living.

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