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Effective Grub Control Options

Not much has changed for treatment of adult beetles, but there are a couple of really good options for controlling the grub stage. And since a Japanese Beetle spends about 85% of its life underground as a grub, exercising control over them while they’re in your lawn is the most effective method.

The Perfumed Garden

The sense of smell is amazingly underrated. An aroma can bring pleasure or alert you to danger. You can sniff out the truth. My absolute favorite is that scent created by a summer rainstorm drenching the pavement and soil on a warm day. There’s even a word for it – petrichor.

Late to Emerge Perennials

When the weather finally breaks, and plants begin to emerge from dormancy, it’s understandable that we are eager to greet every new shoot and admire every swelling bud. But, we can also be quick to pass judgment on the viability of our plants. Sometimes, too quick.

Early May Spring Gardening Tips!

The roller coaster temperatures have had gardeners vacillating between the urge to get tomatoes in the ground and the scramble to dig up floating row covers from the back of the garage.

The Impermanence of Spring

It seems miraculous that we didn’t wake up on Sunday morning to find all of those tender shoots and blossoms completely frozen. The experience proved to me that some of the most delicate looking plants in the garden can be the most tenacious. These are our precious spring ephemerals.

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