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Much Needed Early-July Summer Gardening Tips!

The brightest of the stars in the Big Dog constellation is Sirius, the Dog Star. In the mid-summer, it can be seen rising and setting with the sun. This conjunction caused the ancients to believe that Sirius’ heat added to the heat of the sun, creating a stretch of hot and sultry weather.

Attracting Birds with Flowers in Your Garden!

When you’re at the Garden Center choosing summer-flowering perennials and annuals for your yard, there are probably many factors that affect your decision. The size of the plants at maturity. The color and time of bloom. Perhaps whether or not the plants will re-flower. These are all qualities that we take into consideration. But let’s throw one more factor into the mix. Do the flowers that you plant attract birds?

Native Prairie Plants Getting Set to Flower Soon

Many of the native prairie plants will be starting to flower soon. Besides being drought tolerant, they attract birds and butterflies. To get a feel for the natural beauty and diversity of prairie flowers and grasses visit one of the local prairies in the Arboretum or Schumacher Prairie just east of Waunakee.

Mid-June Gardening Tips!

Mid-summer is an especially nice time to start a garden journal. Our to-do lists have shortened and everything is just so beautiful. It’s helpful to make notes of particular diseases or pests that may haunt your yard year after year.

Early June Gardening Tips (6/6/19)

Although June usually ushers in the gentler garden, the kaleidoscopic colors of May might linger with us a bit longer. The Extension agents in Madison reported that we are more than 100 Growing Degree Days below average. Lots of plants are behind, so try to be a little patient when evaluating viability.

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