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There’s no snow forecasted in our immediate future. So why not add some holiday decorating to this weekend’s chore list and hang your Christmas lights? These beautiful, late fall days are perfect for getting a jump on outdoor holiday decorating. There’s no rule that says they need to be lit right away and it’s so much easier to put them up now. The moderate temps mean that both your fingers and those cords will stay flexible! Be sure to test them first to make sure that everything is in good working order. And if you do need replacements, perhaps it’s time to make the switch from incandescent to LED.

Let’s eliminate a lot of the hand wringing and present the facts. LEDS are certainly the less understood kid on the block. They use Light Emitting Diodes rather than filaments to produce light. So we’ll start with them. These lights:

  • especially in pure and warm white, appear brighter than incandescent lights.
  • are easily installed as you can connect many more strings in a series, using fewer extension cords.
  • use up to 90% less energy.
  • are constructed of non-breakable polycarbonate plastic.
  • are cool to the touch.

Because LEDs use so little energy, our suppliers have developed strings that can be plugged into a USB port. You can decorate your computer, workspace, or even your car!

But there are a few minuses. You’ll find that LED Lights:

  • are a bit more expensive to purchase.
  • are susceptible to power surges, so use a surge protector.
  • performance can be affected by standard timers, especially in cold temperatures. Look for timers that are LED compatible.

As a bonus, the developing technology of LED light strings offer all kinds of really cool features from mode functions to color mixing. We’re especially excited about the new RGB (RedGreenBlue) lights. Each lamp has a diode of each color, allowing endless color combinations. You’ll find traditional strings and a super cool tree bunch with this technology in our Light Department.

Despite the well-deserved reputation of LEDs, Incandescent Lights have many pluses. They:

  • are more economical, though the price of LED technology has become much more affordable.
  • provide warmer, richer colors.
  • are available in a wide variety of bulb shapes. String lengths and wire colors.
  • are made with lamps that are easily replaced.

There are still a few drawbacks though. As a user, you:

  • can break the lamps as they are made with glass.
  • must limit the number of connected strings to three.
  • can overload household breakers, though you’d be hanging a lot of lights to do this.

Now that you’re in possession of all of the facts and figures, surely you should be able to make an informed decision. Right? Well, if you’re still on the fence, stop into the Garden Center and a Holiday Associate can help you tip the scale.